The construction body KIEL GATE

points with his make clear strikt form, with aquired respectable appearence, on pausing , on contemplation, a rest in the day events, on cosidering of values. Symbolical the building gives security to the water. The abstracted form of a „ town gate“ gives space for the viewer and person, from the Kiel Sophienblatt coming, walk through the construction bodies, to start, in north-east direktion to MARE BALTIKUM, to horizons. To Kiel comers from the sea ferries, fom Kaistraße, from the Kiel central station, can enter; - by the „town gate“.

The northern main part of the building contents three underground parking decks, on the west side there are generus arcades with retail shops and small gastronomy and on the east part a great gastronomy.

In four ather floors are trade rooms and buisiness premises are planned. The upper building bolt exists two high-capacity floors for the congress and event centre with necessary next rooms, preparatory rooms and practise rooms. Here is the multimedia information centre. The south part of the bolt KIEL GATE can be used for showroom and eclusive living space. These southern bold rests with filigree construktion and lancet-shaped cross section on a symbolic „cubic rest of a former town gate“.

The cube contrasts formatively clearly with the main building. The cube forms an architectural connection with the building of Provinzial Versicherung in the southern neighbourhood. Of ideal mannner „ town gate rest“, the cetral main info-point of the city of Kiel should be accommodated here in the cube, with short footpath to the central station, near Sophienblatt, parking level KIEL GATE, central---- and to the sea ferries.

To the east , adjoining to the building KIEL GATE, a deck bridges all rails of the Kiel central station. The deck recieves rolling stairs for the fastest possible way to the platformes of Kiel central station. In addition, the deck offers by the generation of a surface about 3200 squaremeters of park possibility for bus and cars or use as a public space.